Looking for a new challenge, want to be your own boss?

Become an entrepreneur specialising in sewage treatment for off-mains properties ...
and become part of our success!

  • A high-potential, low competitive market segment: The wastewater Treatment market is driven by established regulations – a legal obligation for all properties not connected to mains drainage;
  • A complete sales concept: BIOROCK offers a unique concept of developing leads and making sales to individuals;
  • A partner you can bank on: With 25 years experience in wastewater treatment BIOROCK is one of the market leaders;
  • True exclusivity: We provide you with exclusive access to unique BIOROCK branded products. You will be an exclusive partner in your agreed area.

Join us and share our values. You will have a varied job, enjoy the experience of working with us and benefit from a excellent training

We offer everyday support for you to succeed

Join our
'Winning Team'!

Becoming a BIOROCK Sales Agent

  • Starting a business in a growing sector;
  • Well established unique product;
  • Be part of a growing network;
  • Receive excellent hands-on training;
  • Become a certified specialist in sewage treatment.
  • Benefit from compatitive pricing;
  • Thriving in an activity with multiple skills;
  • Being part of a brand with strong values.
  • Being accompanied by a team of professionals;
  • Running a business with proven profitability;

Exclusive access to a revolutionary product

Create your own future with a powerful and competitive product

Build your success on an efficient and highly competitive product, a product which perfectly meets the customer needs and is fully compliant with BS/EN 12566-3.

BIOROCK products stand out from the competition offering  ease of use and minimal maintenance. Unlike electric products, the BIOROCK range provides real peace of mind for the user. These advantages are highlighted in a range of marketing and communication tools designed to complement the sales pitch..

As a BIOROCK Sales Agent

You have exclusive access to our technology in your area.

Revolutionary technology

  • Septic tank replacement / upgrade
  • Unique non-electrical sewage treatment process
  • Very light maintenance
  • 24 Hour start-up period
  • Long absence periods acceptable

Unique advantages

  • Completely silent
  • Low operational costs
  • Superb effluent quality
  • Septic tank conversion unit (retrofit)
  • Non-electrical
  • Optimized for the UK


  • Low carbon footprint
  • Minimum annual maintenance
  • Long desludge interval

BIOROCK added value

Exploit a strictly regulated market with relatively little competition in our sector using a very competitive product designed to make life easier for the end user.

The market for septic tank upgrades and/or replacements is growing in all areas.

Each Sales Agent has an exclusive area which we identify following comprehensive market studies.

  • Building on a market full of opportunities
  • An exclusive method, licensed products, and brand recognition
  • Territorial exclusivity

Daily support!

We give you our knowledge, our key to succes

Our support begins when you sign the partnership agreement, we share our experience and knowledge with you as you plan and build your business.

We provide you with our expertise and the key to success

  • Discussions before you start
  • Comprehensive training
  • Ongoing support
  • Access to powerful marketing tools

Do you have the right profile?

A career requiring multiple skills:
business, management, technical.
An active sector and business environment.

Are you a sales talent?

BIOROCK offers you the opportunity to use your commercial “sales to end users” talents and management skills.  We will provide excellent support and product training

Your profile

You are a dynamic and well organized person. You enjoy the sale and you like to advise the consumer. You have a head for business and profit.

a team of experts at your service

BIOROCK is an established and respected company with a research and development team, manufacturing facilities and an international sales network. Over the past 22 years, BIOROCK has successfully managed projects worldwide.

Our Team

Our team of experts is unrivalled in the wastewater treatment industry. BIOROCK® is a company staffed by professionals with years of experience in the water and sewage treatment market. Our customers  satisfaction and our success continues to drive growth into new markets with new solutions and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best wastewater solution to consumers.

As a BIOROCK Sales Agent you will be part of an expert team benefiting from the experience of our team who provide specialist training on our products and services